Leah Cheats

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Leah Cheats

He was playing with her nipple as they lie on the bed panting heavily after fucking for an hour when they heard a car pull up on the driveway.

"It's Jake! You gotta go!" cried Leah.

"It's too late for that now," Gary calmly as they heard the front door open.

"Well hide!" said Leah. "Where?"

"Under the bed! Go, go!" said Leah as she pushed Gary forcefully.

Gary was clutching his clothes and barely made it when the door opened.

"Hi babe," said Jake and kissed Leah. She was still naked as she didn't have time to get dressed. Jake grinned when he looked at her naked body. "Being naughty?"

Leah leaned in to kiss him. Gary wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close. His hands run over her body. "Mmmm babe."

He rubbed Leah's tits and lay her down on the bed and he starts to undress. He then stood at the edge of xnxxv sunny leone video the bed and spread Leah's legs wide and entered her freshly fucked pussy. Jake thought she's been masturbating. Her pussy felt a little bit loose.

Leah was moaning and Gary could hear everything. The bed was shaking madly while he was underneath it. His cock was growing hard but he kept quiet. He was also feeling rage and jealousy as Jake fucks Leah.

"Uuhh! Uhhh! Aaaaahhhh!" Leah was screaming with pleasure.

"She's such a slut!" Gary thought. "But she's so sexy."

Jake grabbed her tits and squeezed them as he drills her .

"Ohh yeah baby, fuck!" said Leah. "Fuck that cunt. Fuck it good baby. Make me your . Oh yeah."

Leah was rubbing her clitoris as Jake fucks her.

Jake pulled his cock out. "Bend over bitch."

Leah came down from the bed and bent over it. Gary could see her legs. Jake slapped her ass cheek hard.

Smack! Smack! Smack! "Oh baby," said Jake. "You want this cock in you?"

"Yes baby, please fuck me with it. Fuck my dirty cunt."

Gary was rock hard under the bed but he was upset at Leah being so slutty with Jake.

"Tell me how you want this cock?" as Jake teases the opening of her cunt. He slaps his against her clit a few times, rubbing hard against it.

"I want it badly. I'm your Jake. Fuck me."

Jake slid his cock into her again. Fucking her harder now. He pulled her hair.

"Aaah! Aaargh! Ooooh. Ooooh. Ooooooooooh!"

"Fuck! You"re gonna make me cum!" moaned Jake.

"Ohh yeah. That's it, fuck me, Jake. Cum for my slutty cunt."

Then Jake shot a huge load of cum deep inside her .

They lie on the bed while Gary was still trapped underneath. Luckily, Jake received a phone call and he had to leave again. "I'll see you later baby."

Gary came out and saw Leah lying on the bed looking so fucked.

"You"re such a slut," he said.

"What am I supposed to do? He's my boyfriend."

"You can still say no. You wanted to be fucked," as he went to her and look at her fucked pussy. He put his fingers and started fingering her.


"You like that You real forced anal against her will dirty little slut!"

"Ohh yes," she moaned.

He pressed his thumb on her clit.

"Ohh yeah baby, finger that cunt."

Gary fingered her. Her body twitches and she cummed all over his fingers. "Aaaah"!